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Digital low carbon to create the future! Time Varying Transmission Co., Ltd (TVT) becomes Infineon's preferred partner

On October 26, 2023, Infineon held its first offline OktoberTech™ -Eco-Innovation Summit in Greater China in Shenzhen, which is also the "closing work" of this global annual innovation summit hosted by Infineon in Greater China in 2023 after Tokyo, Japan, Singapore and Silicon Valley in the United States.



This year's Greater China Eco-Innovation Summit focuses on two major themes: low carbon and digitalization. The Summit consists of a summit forum and three parallel forums: "Energy","Transportation" and "Internet of Things".


Industry experts, customers and partners gathered together to interpret the industrial development trend, explore how to coordinate industrial forces, jointly promote industry innovation and integrated development, depict "collaborative innovation, full-core advancement", and jointly promote the warm scene of integrated innovation ecology.



As a national high-tech enterprise with a team of millimeter wave communication technology experts as its core, Time Varying Transmission Co., Ltd (TVT) won the Infineon Preferred Partner Certificate at this summit, which marks that both parties will further strengthen cooperation and promote the industry to a higher quality standard.



Create positive aging care solutions


Time Varying Transmission Co., Ltd (TVT)  launched Aerosense Wavve Contactless Sleep Sensor based on Infineon chip research and development, which can realize real-time non-contact monitoring of heart rate, respiration, body movement, in/out of bed and other data, identify and alarm high-risk risks such as abnormal heart rate and respiration, night absence, etc., providing scientific and comprehensive health protection for users.


Digital low carbon to create the future! Time Varying Transmission Co., Ltd (TVT) becomes Infineon's preferred partner - News - 4


While the product has high accuracy and strong stability, it also supports the development and construction of dedicated Cloud Virtual Machine and product APP for pension scenarios. Through SDK, cloud docking, etc., the system will deeply learn and construct the user's health data model, generate professional sleep reports, gain insight into changes in user health status and behavior habits, early warning disease risks and provide reference for clinical diagnosis.


Let the family and pension institution managers be able to detect the physical abnormalities of the elderly in time, and intervene and deal with them in time. It can not only improve the living environment and quality of life of the elderly, but also effectively reduce the pressure on families and pension institutions in an aging society.


Create a smart home solution for "all-house intelligence"


Time Varying Transmission Co., Ltd (TVT) also launched a close-range human presence sensing radar module developed based on Infineon chips. Through a large number of tests and continuous optimization of intelligent algorithms, it can accurately realize important functions such as human body sensing, track tracking and vital signs monitoring, providing perfect solutions for the application of intelligent scenes in the whole house.



It can be widely used in a new generation of smart lighting, smart toilets, smart air conditioners, smart TVs, smart stereos and smart health care scenes. The detection ability of far-infrared sensors is not disturbed by heat sources, light sources, water mist and other environments, making them have broad prospects in the "whole house intelligence", creating a more intelligent, convenient and safe life experience for people.


Create intelligent security solutions for perimeter intrusion alarms


Time Varying Transmission Co., Ltd (TVT) Perimeter Security Radar is also equipped with Infineon chips. It adopts MIMO and FMCW modulation technology and has the characteristics of high precision, high resolution and high sensitivity detection. Pedestrians in the distance of 10~220 meters, vehicles in the distance of 10~300 meters, radar can accurately detect the target.



Through machine learning algorithms, radar is able to distinguish between pedestrians, vehicles and animals, effectively filtering false positives caused by trees, insects and small animals. The radar can customize the warning area, alarm area and filter area through the WEB interface, and can be used as an intrusion detection sensor linkage alarm device independently, and can output target information, which is integrated into the security alarm platform.



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