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More than 100,000 people attended the 3rd Central Africa Economic and Trade Expo. Time-varying Communications was invited to represent Xiangtan in the Image Pavilion.

On July 2, the 3rd China Economic and Trade Expo ended in Changsha. With the theme of "seeking common development and sharing the future", the Expo has achieved full coverage of 53 African countries that have established diplomatic relations with China. Twelve international organizations such as UNIDO and AU, 30 domestic provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, more than 1700 Central Africa enterprises, business associations and financial institutions attended the Expo, with more than 100,000 visitors, with the largest scale of participation ever.


Hunan Time-Change Communication Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Time-Change Communication) was invited to represent Xiangtan at the Xiangtan Image Pavilion in this Expo with UAV defense system, intelligent perimeter security alarm system, Anru ® Kangju monitoring elf, Kangju intelligent physical sign monitor, old-age monitoring kit and multi-scene solutions


As a high-tech enterprise with the world's top millimeter wave communication R & D team as the core, time-varying communication related products have been widely concerned by many domestic and foreign media and African friends once they appeared. We are particularly interested in airspace management and perimeter security. With the increasingly severe security situation in African countries, the market demand potential in this area is huge, and they have left contact information., expressed a strong intention to cooperate.



Time-varying communication is determined to play the spirit of innovation, research and exploration. While continuously improving software and hardware products and solutions, it improves the industrial chain layout and perceives the future development of radar. In recent years, the products developed have continuously impacted the forefront of the industry, and have been highly recognized by domestic and foreign enterprises, media and government departments. They have transmitted the power of China brands to the world and contributed to the realization of an innovative science and technology power.



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