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The 9th China International Aging Industry Expo, Time Varying Transmission Co., Ltd (TVT) wisdom leads the future of pension!

On November 19,2023, the three-day 9th China International Aging Industry Expo (SIC Expo) was successfully concluded in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall.


More than 350 exhibitors exhibited tens of thousands of age-appropriate achievements at the 22,000-square-meter exhibition, attracting 50,000 professional visitors to observe and purchase, and comprehensively displaying the latest development achievements and innovative practices of China's pension industry.



Time Varying Transmission Co., Ltd (TVT) brought new products to the exhibition site. The company is committed to providing safe, intelligent, scientific and efficient monitoring solutions for the elderly and elderly care institutions at home. The related products have been well received by users at home and abroad since they were launched. At this expo, it attracted great attention from many audiences, pension institutions, general health fields and media.



At this expo, we received many domestic and foreign enterprises to visit the booth consultation, through the conversation to understand the product functions and parameters, many enterprises have purchased samples on the spot, ready to go back to test after in-depth cooperation.


One customer from Singapore was very impressive. She bought an Aerosense Assure Home Care Assistant and installed it at her mother's house for testing. Last month, her mother accidentally fell down while using the toilet at night. Fortunately, our product timely alerted the police and won valuable rescue time.



While the Time Varying Transmission Co., Ltd (TVT) series health care products have high accuracy and strong stability, they also support the development and construction of dedicated Cloud Virtual Machine and product APP for the aged scenario. Through SDK, cloud docking, etc., the system will deeply learn and construct the user's health data model, generate professional sleep reports, gain insight into changes in user health status and behavior habits, early warning disease risks and provide reference for clinical diagnosis.


To enable family and institutional managers to monitor the health status of older persons in real time so that they can provide timely assistance when necessary. It can not only improve the living environment and quality of life of the elderly, but also effectively reduce the pressure on families and pension institutions in an aging society.



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