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Indoor Human Body Presence Detection Radar Module ASX02


Functions:Presence Detection, Target Distance,
 Movement Direction, Gesture Control

Modulation Mode:FMCW

Transmit Frequency:24GHz

Transceiver Channel:1TX/ 1RX

Powered by:5V DC / 1A

Detection Distance:0.5 ~ 2.5m (1.6 ~ 8.2ft)

Beamwidth (azimuth):-40°~40°

Beamwidth (pitch):-20°~20°

Communication interface:UART

Power Consumption:<0.5W

Dimensions (L*W):39*29mm (1.5*1.1in)

Module Weight:4g

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ASX02, ASX08 and ASX10 series are mmWave radar modules that are ideal for applications such as indoor human body presence detection and tracking. Featured by designs of FMCW modulation with high complexity and performance, along with advanced radar algorithm accompanied by deep machine learning, this line of radar modules provides excel user experiences in applications such as smart toilets, smart lighting, smart screen control, and so on. It provides a budget replacement of current technologies such as PIR and doppler radars.

FunctionsPresence Detection, Target Distance, Movement Direction, Gesture Control
Modulation ModeFMCW
Transmit Frequency24GHz
Transceiver Channel1TX/ 1RX
Powered by5V DC / 1A
Detection Distance0.5~2.5m (1.6~8.2ft)
Beamwidth (azimuth)-40°~40°
Beamwidth (pitch)-20°~20°
Communication interfaceUART
Power Consumption<0.5W
Dimensions (L*W)39*29mm (1.5*1.1in)
Module Weight4g


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