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Elderly Care/

Aerosense Wavve Elderly Care System

Standand:Aerosense Wavve Hub
                Door Detector
                Indoor Siren
                SOS Button

Optional:CO Detector
              Smoke Detector
              Gas Detector
              Water Detector

Aerosense Wavve Hub


Detection range:0.5 ~ 1.5m(1.64 ~ 4.92ft)

Power lnput:DC 5V 0.5A

WiFi:802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth:5.0 BLE

Zigbee:Zigbee 3.0

Maximum extended accessories:30

  • Product Details
  • Door Detector
  • Indoor Siren
  • SOS Button
  • CO Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Gas Detector
  • Water Detector


 A smart contactless remote monitoring system to for a safer home for your loved ones.

MM wave radar technology for bio-vital monitoring and sleep monitoring.

Activity report with analytic data and trends.

Extentable accessories including door sensors, sos buttons, indoor sirens, CO detectors, smoke detectors, gas detectors, water detectors, and so on.


Door Detector can monitor the status of doors, windows, appliances, furniture cabinet doors, drawers, etc.

It connect with other devices in smart home, when devices status change, it will generate 100dB alarm sound to warn the users, also threat the intruders.

One key alarm, push button for emerc ency using, Zigbee 3.0 protocol. Low power consumption with low power alert, Support smart life APP remote control.

CO Detector use of high quality electrochemicalsensors, can be placedon the ceiling or wall mount and other installation methods, simple installation,easy to use; Where carbon monoxide gas is present, once the concentration ofcarbon monoxide gas reaches the alarm setting value, the detector will emit anaudible and visual alarm signal to remind you to quickly take effective measuresto effectively avoid the occurrence.

Once detecting the smoke in the environment, trigger on-sitealarm, and the alarm information transmitted to the user’s mobile phone.

Real-time detection of natural gas leakage status,once the gas leakage reaches the alarm threshold, it will trigger on-site alarm, and the alarm information is transmitted to the user’s mobile phone at the same time.

A water immersion sensor that detects water leakage in the environment in real time. When water immersion is detected, the detector sends an alarm signal to the gateway and reports the information to the user’s mobile phone.


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