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Aerosense Wavve Contactless Sleep Sensor

Radar type:FMCW

Frequency band:24GHz

Detection range:1.5m (4.92ft)

Effective field of view (horizontal): -40°~20°

Effective field of view (vertical): -42°~42°

System power:DC 5V/1A Max

Network connection:WiFi

Operating temprature:-10 ~ 50°C (14 ~ 122°F)

Dimensions:83*83*58mm (3.3*3.3*2.3in)

Weight of the unit (approx.):80g

Communication protocol:SDK / API

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Helping increase safety and reduce running costs for senior living communities and health systems.

A smart and contactless monitoring and early warning device. Designed to screen for high-hazardous risks for senior citizens. Get alerts for potential abnormal breath / heart rate, prolonged bed-exit, and more. In the case of an incident, an alert is sent to emergency contacts through phone call, sms and in-app alert. Generate data-based analytic sleep reports that help in health management.


Radar typeFMCW
Frequency band24GHz
Detection range1.5m (4.92ft)
Effective field of view (horizontal) -40°~20°
Effective field of view (vertical) -42°~42°
System powerDC 5V/1A Max
Network connectionWiFi
Operating temprature-10 ~ 50°C (14 ~ 122°F)
Dimensions83*83*58mm (3.3*3.3*2.3in)
Weight of the unit (approx.)80g
Communication protocolSDK / API



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