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2022 Hunan (International) General Aviation Industry Expo, Time-varying Communications was invited to represent Xiangtan City!

"Xiang" about navigation grand meeting, build a bright future. On the morning of September 1,2022 Hunan (International) General Aviation Industry Expo was opened in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. Dong Li, deputy commander of the China People's Liberation Army Air Force, attended the meeting, and Mao Weiming, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and governor, announced the opening.


The exhibition hall covers an area of about 80,000 square meters. More than 300 enterprises including China Aerospace Science and Technology, China Aerospace Science and Industry, France Airbus Helicopter, Canada Pratt & Whitney and other industry giants were invited to participate in the exhibition to show the achievements of the whole industry chain of navigation manufacturing, navigation application, navigation service, navigation science popularization and navigation experience.


Hunan Time-varying Communication Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Time-varying Communication), Hunan Province Runze Airport Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Hualian Motor Co., Ltd., Hunan Valin Cable Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Jiuhua General Airport and Xiangtan Jiuhua Navigation Town and other enterprises represented Xiangtan City were invited to participate in the Expo.


As a national high-tech enterprise with the world's top millimeter wave communication technology expert team as the core, the UAV detection radar and intelligent perimeter radar fusion terminal of time-varying communication have been widely concerned by many navigation practitioners once they appeared, and there is an endless stream of people coming to consult technology and performance.


Through the professional explanation of the airspace management and perimeter security of the two products, we highly affirmed the R & D capability of time-varying communication and the market prospect of radar technology, and praised this as the development demand of the future industry.



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