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Join the summit feast, perceive the future of radar! Time-Varying Communications Appears at the Second Global Summit on Radar and the Future

Radar event, shining in Chengdu. On November 4 - 5,2022, the 2nd Global Summit of "Radar and Future" was officially opened in Chengdu Tianfu International Conference Center. With the theme of "radar integrating into national economy and people's livelihood, gathering wisdom to create a better future", the summit discussed the strategy of integrating radar technology into all industries, building a bridge for economic and scientific exchange, and boosting the digital transformation and high-quality development of the industry. Hunan Time-varying Communication Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Time-varying Communication) was invited to participate in this grand event.


The summit was led by the conference, with supporting exhibition areas set up, attracting more than 2000 spectators from radar and relevant industries, government departments, business circles, academic circles and other fields to participate in the summit, and building a win-win cooperation platform for upstream and downstream communication, integration and transaction of radar industry. Time-varying communication with UAV detection radar, intelligent perimeter security thunder vision fusion terminal, perimeter security radar sensor, Kangju guardian elf and Kangju intelligent physical sign detector appeared, attracting many intended cooperation customers to stop and communicate.




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