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Time-Varying Communications Appears London IFSEC 2023

From May 16 to 18,2023, the three-day London International Security Technology Exhibition IFSEC was successfully held at the EXCEL International Convention and Exhibition Center in London. The exhibition is one of the three most influential international security exhibitions in the world, attracting security companies and related experts from all over the world.


At this exhibition, Hunan Time-varying Communication Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as: As a high-tech enterprise with the world's top millimeter wave communication R & D team as the core, Time-varying Communication has made its debut with products such as smart health care, intelligent perimeter security, UAV defense system and radar module, which has received extensive attention and cooperation intention from exhibitors from all over the world.


Anru's health monitoring system is a health monitoring and intelligent early warning system developed by the international top RF communication and intelligent algorithm expert team. It takes intelligent products and information system platform as the carrier. In terms of product composition, it consists of software and hardware products such as health monitoring platform, time-varying smart cloud, Anru's APP, health monitoring elf and health intelligent physical sign monitor.


The system is wearable, camera-free and easy to use. Can effectively identify various postures and abnormal changes such as: Fall, bedridden, not returning from going out, abnormal night wake, insomnia/lethargy trend, decreased mobility, prolonged sitting, etc., and through real-time monitoring of sleep breathing heart rate, analyze and report the overall health status of the elderly and remind them to pay attention to potential risks in time. In case of high risk, actively send alarm to emergency contact person by telephone, SMS and APP notification.



Based on the leading millimeter wave radar technology, the time-varying sky curtain intelligent perimeter security equipment integrates visual sensing and AI intelligent algorithm to sense the dynamic changes of the environment in real time. It can actively discover and track the invading targets entering the defense zone and send out alarms, and provide visual forensics, sound and light alarms and other functions.


The equipment adopts integrated design, power sharing, simple installation, strong and durable, which can greatly save material costs and installation and maintenance costs. With the characteristics of active detection, intelligent identification and independent judgment, it can adapt to all kinds of bad weather such as rain, snow, fog, haze, sand dust, etc., and has extremely high detection sensitivity, intrusion detection rate and recognition rate, so as to eliminate missing report and false alarm to the maximum extent. Can be widely deployed in railways, prisons, power grids, ports, airports, oil depots and other high-end security sites.


The time-varying canopy UAV defense system is composed of UAV detection radar, UAV communication interference countermeasures and other front-end equipment and UAV management and control platform software. When the target enters the defense zone, the accurate position information of the target is detected through active search, including distance, angle, speed and altitude. When the target enters the warning area, the system judges independently and starts the jamming equipment to interfere with the UAV communication, so that the UAV refuses or makes a forced landing.


The system has the technical advantages of strong detection capability, high precision, low false alarm rate, stable track tracking, and less susceptible to environmental interference. It can realize 360° all-round, 24/7 all-weather early warning, and has the advantages of light weight, high cost performance, and open architecture. It can help to effectively respond to the increasingly severe low-altitude protection needs of the current society.



Since the development of the international market, time-varying communication has accumulated a large customer base, providing effective and timely technical support for partners, as well as high-quality, professional pre-sales and after-sales service, which has won the trust and favor of many international project customers. The products are exported to countries and regions such as America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.


Time-varying communication is determined to play the spirit of innovation, research and exploration. While continuously improving software and hardware products and solutions, it improves the industrial chain layout, perceives the future of radar development, transmits the power of China brand to the world, and contributes to the realization of innovative science and technology power!



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